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Bureau Veritas Contact
Erin Kane
phone: 813.765.8269

Bureau Veritas HSE Proposal Center
See what we can achieve with the power of TEAMWORK!


Who are we? 

Ariyike Alabi, MS:
HSE Proposal Coordinator
Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.
Nashville, TN 37211
c: (615) 743-5334


Our Mission

  • Stay calm, and Proposal On
  • Help you to write compelling and compliant proposals
  • Support proposal production
  • Institutionalize best practices
  • Develop and implement consistent processes and methodologies
  • Develop the right tools to support the proposal process
  • Create better processes for today, tomorrow and the futureā€¦


What Support Can you Expect?

  • SF No. generation
  • Proposal coordination (from version control to printing and mailing the proposal to the client)
  • Writing project summaries
  • Writing case studies
  • Developing ‘boiler-plate’ content
  • Completing vendor registrations and supplier questionnaires
  • Writing personnel bios
  • Writing and formatting BV resumes
  • Performing market /competitor research
  • Coordinating references and seeking approvals
  • Drafting new content for proposals
  • Developing info-graphic and schematics for concept selling
  • Proposal scrubbing


Contact Us At: